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Why are we having the 2018 WORLD FAITH CONFERENCE?

The 2018 WORLD FAITH CONFERENCE is for: Saints that want to grow in the Lord, New Converts that want to accelerate their growth in God, and Pastors and Leaders that want to associate with the next generation of Preachers and Teachers!

I want to invite you to the 2018 World Faith Conference . What a great benefit to YOU AND YOUR FAMILY, your church, and your increase! Let me give you the vision  for the 2018 conference, and the benefits to you, your ministry, and your family for participating.

First , the faith message is catching on and Jesus knew it would. The northern US has seen tremendous growth in churches that now teach about faith and the Holy Spirit. What's more, Spirit filled, faith-based churches are growing in number and in popularity. The Holy Spirit is welcome and the message of Faith, Hope, and Love is what the Holy Spirit is directing these large numbers of ministries into.

Second , this has led to an interesting phenomenon; that God is raising up the next generation of faith teachers. This is becoming a blessing to many ministries, where there has been a void of Faith teachers that standard sized churches can turn to for leadership. The Midwest has anointed men and women of God that have paid the price, and are tried and true, concerning the faith message. It is one of the objectives of the World Faith Conference to platform these ministries, introduce them to you, and let you be the judge.

Third , this yearly conference will not center on a personality, but on a vision . This vision is designed to lift up the name of Jesus and the Holy Spirit, and promote ministries that believe in the same. To be sure, we will expose the personalities of these great teachers and speakers to you and your church people; however, the focus is ultimately on the teaching of faith and the Holy Spirit. Speakers will change from year to year by intent of the vision.

Fourth , this will over the years, give you a newer and potentially more accessible pool of ministries to call on for your own events, assistance in ministry, or resources. Many of these ministers are sons of our faith fathers who have passed on to glory, who are now being called by the Father to come out of obscurity for the benefit of the Kingdom. God the Holy Spirit, is raising up new leaders today, that tomorrow will be God's Faith Generals in the earth.

Finally , relax in the most beautiful area of the Midwest, the Wisconsin Dells Vacation area, and hear great faith teaching. Make it a mid-week excursion for you and your church members, and take time to develop yourself, or your future leaders for your ministry, while spending time with them.

For more information contact me HEREor call  David Gonzalez Ministries/Mountain Faith Church - (608) 356-1804.


Pastor David J. Gonzalez
World Faith Conference Founder

Senior Pastor
Mountain Faith Church in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin